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Las Palmeras Inn

 Otavalo - Ecuador
Bird watching

Visit Parque Condor. Home to a variety of rescued birds such as eagles, hawks, owls and condors,

Tea time

Harvest your own aromatic herbs from our garden and enjoy tea time

Professional massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your cabin.

Bicycle ride

Ride the surrounding mountains in an entertaining bike ride and let yourself be surprised by the best views

Contact with the community

Learn about the culture and customs of the indigenous communities of Imbabura province

Hiking and exploring

Explore the nearby destinations that surround Las Palmeras Inn: Quichinche, Cuicocha Lake, Mojanda Lagoon, Peguche Waterfall, Imbabura Volcano, Cotacachi, Atuntaqui, Intag Cloud Forest.

Spanish classes

Professional and private Spanish classes for all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. There are individual classes or for small groups.

Mountain climbing

Mountains suitable for any degree of difficulty and perfect for acclimatization: El Lechero, Cubilche, Mojanda, Fuya Fuya, Imbabura, Nevado Cayambe and Cotacachi.

Water sports

Feel the energy of San Pablo lake practicing water sports. Only 15 minutes from Las Palmeras Inn.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival

Explore the property: learn its history and discover its surroundings like the organic garden, the main house, the game room, our murals and paintings or rest on the porch enjoying the gardens overlooking the volcanoes of Imbabura and Cotacachi,

Day 2: Markets

Visit the market of products of the zone and domestic objects of Otavalo and its stores. This market is bigger and crowded on fair days: Saturdays between 8a.m. and the 4 p.m.

Visits for Parque Cóndor at Espejo. From Wednesday to Sunday. Flight demostration: 11:30 and 15:30 (time may change depending on weather)


Day 3: Trekking

Option 1: From Las Palmeras Inn you leave to the Mojanda mountain and the old volcanic cone, Fuya Fuya. Leave at 9 a.m. with warm clothes and a picnic lunch for your excursion to the Lagunas de Mojanda (by taxi, 30 minutes). Then, climb the steep grass path towards the Fuya Fuya from where you will enjoy the view of spectacular landscapes. 

Option 2: Request a taxi (and a picnic) to visit the Cuicocha volcanic crater lake, scene of abundant flora and panoramic views. In the National Park, the path that borders the lake is covered in a walk of five hours or more; It is important to hire a guide, as visibility may be lost due to fog. Explore the lake (cocha) by boat and border the guinea pig(cuy) shaped island.

Day 4: Crafts

Tour of Peguche crafts markets and fabric demonstrations. A short walk will take you to an impressive waterfall. Walk through San Antonio de Ibarra where you will find detailed crafts and woodwork. Tour of the leather craft shops in Cotacachi.

Day 5: Cloud Forest El Refugio de Íntag

One hour 30 minutes from Las Palmeras Inn, discover El Refugio Cloud Forest Lodge. It is a reserve and coffee farm located near the Toabunchi River surrounded by gardens, fields and forests.


Day 6: El Páramo Ecological Reserve

Protected area where you can tour the páramo de frailejones, the polylepis forest, the surrounding lagoons and the Chiles Volcano. The Park allows walking, cycling, and camping. It is located approximately two hours from Otavalo

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